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Web-to-Lead Forms or Web to any Entity & Dynamics CRM 2011

dynamics_crm_muenchen_webtoleadDynamics CRM Web forms simplify the process of capturing visitors’ or users information from the website into your Dynamics CRM system. It is designed to automate importing of information from website into CRM and to enable non-technical users to design and publish their own web forms. The User or let´s say the Poweruser is enabled to create webforms on a User Interface and only copy and paste the background create code into the content Web Management System like Wordpress, Blogspot, Typo3 or any other Web Content Management System or Custom Website.

Build a website form in less than 10 minutes! Stop Cutting and Pasting from Emails into Dynamics CRM - No Programming Required!

The Dynamics CRM Web Forms (Dynamics CRM Add-on from Dynamics Consulting) can be used for:

Capturing data (visitors) information
Communicating with website visitors
Conducting surveys Responding to user queries
Generating online sales Online Feedback
Creating Leads
Creating Cases

The  subscriptions per year is €449 per CRM organization which allows you to publish forms for any CRM entity and there is no charge per form submission. Hosting for the form is included

In the cloud version of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, there is a free build- in wizard called Internet Lead Capture found under the Sales tab within Dynamics CRM. Lead Capture does all the heavy lifting.

You can direct the web administrator to go there to scoop up the bits of HTML needed for a more useful and practical contact entry form.

If you have any questions let us know. Give us an call under +49 40 30 698 77 0
or drop an short email request to

Regards the Dynamics Consulting Team.

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