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What is XRM on
Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011

There are (at least) two definitions for XRM in relationship to Dynamics CRM 2011:
  1. xRM; the strategy
  2. xRM as a Rapid Development Platform (software).
XRM: The Strategy
XRM, eXtended Relationship Management is a strategy that takes CRM (Customer Relationship Management) one step further, focusing on managing all relationships—not just those with customers. The “X” in XRM stands for “All.” XRM provide a comprehensive, unified system for all aspects of business. xRM encompasses applications and business practices that go beyond traditional customer-centric CRM functionality. The “x” underpins a variety of applications that are tightly integrated and are used to manage internal and external transactional relationships. xRM is a strategic approach to understanding what makes a business thrive, what information needs to be tracked, by whom, and how it needs to be displayed and leveraged to facilitate better decisions.
xRM is a business strategy that has evolved over time and has its roots in such information management developments as the Rolodex, Contact Management Software and Customer Relationship Management technologies.
xRM includes all following strategies:
  • Personal Information Management (PIM)
  • Contact Management Software (CM)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Investor Relations (IR)
  • Human resource management (HRM)
  • Partner Relationship Management (PRM)
  • Supply chain management (SCM)
As you can see with XRM you can focus not only on your customers, but on all stakeholders involved in your processes.
XRM as a Rapid Development Platform
according to Microsoft:
  • xRM is a flexible development platform. Accelerate the creation of Line of Business (LOB) applications using Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as a flexible development platform.
  • xRM is a Rapid development platform (RDP). By leveraging the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 framework (database, User Interface, authorization, workflow, reporting engine and more), a savvy user or business analyst can now accomplish what before would require a developer. In other words, RDP means no need for custom development or a developer.
xRM appliations on Dynamics CRM 2011 are interesting if your company has the need for Line Of Business (LOB) Applications. xRM is meant to be a ‘noun’ relational management platform, to develop LOB applications around. Noun, meaning: person’s, places or things. Assets, Business Relationship’s, warrenties, students, teaching programs, government contracts, etc. etc.
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