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Dynamics CRM mail merge and other resources

I have put together the following list of resources as I was doing some research to see what’s new with mail merge in 2011. At the bottom of the list I’ve also added other references to 3rd party solutions and other notes I need to refer back to.
Here’s some information about the OOTB Mail Merge functionality and the creation of templates for Mail Merge:
In Dynamics CRM mail-merge can be enabled at the entity level (once enabled, it cannot be disabled because you risk breaking previous functionality):
TechNet documentation on templates for mail-merge, email, etc.
Common Mail Merge issues and resolutions:
Tips on using mail merge:
Using mail merge:
Pre-populating fields in mail merge templates:
A good step-by-step on creating mail merge templates:
And another step-by-step:
The following tables describes the difference between mail merge templates and email templates (thanks to Bill Owens at ):

FeatureEmail TemplateMail Merge Template
Insert merge fieldsXX
Insert custom attribute lookup fields X
Are available to send in bulkXX
Preview before sending in bulk X
Edit before sending in bulk X
Place content in the body of an emailXX
Respect do not contact rulesXX
Create personal or organization-wide templateXX
Can be used in workflowX
Can be created globally for use across multiple entitiesX
Can be created for custom entities X
Requires the Outlook client to create template X

Also, with regards to who the marketing emails are being sent from, this is an e-mail router and/or Outlook configuration, see more details here:

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